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If your family needs help exploring senior care options, our expert Advisors are a wonderful source of information with a wealth of experience. Your local Senior Care Authority office, serving Fairfield County, Connecticut and Westchester County, New York, is here to help. Should you need assistance outside of this area, we have franchises located throughout the United States and Canada and would be happy to direct you to services in your area.

Harold Spitzfaden

Harold Spitzfaden and his son Kyle are co-owners of the Senior Care Authority business operating in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and Westchester County, New York. Both come from diverse backgrounds and make an incredible team.

Harold and Kyle chose Senior Care Authority, a nationwide enterprise, due to the caring attitude of the people in the organization. In addition, the training, systems, teamwork, and sharing of ideas among owners provides the basis for a “best in class” organization now and for the future.

Harold is a Certified Senior Advisor, Attorney and CPA with extensive experience  addressing the many challenges seniors encounter and an in-depth knowledge of various alternatives for senior living. He also has a broad background in business and an extensive education. He has held various leadership positions at both large public and private companies which required excellent listening skills to effectively problem solve. He utilizes this same process in assessing and determining solutions for the issues confronting seniors and their families and assisting them with their future life choices.

Harold’s family experience was the genesis of wanting to assist seniors. His father had a long-term illness which resulted in ongoing challenges creating significant stress for his family. In addition, they were faced with various issues regarding the wellbeing and safety of his mother in her later years. Due to the fact no one in his family lived nearby, increased the demands of caring for his parents. Having an experienced senior advisor providing guidance would have been invaluable. As a result, he knew he would eventually address the enormous needs of seniors and make a difference in their life and families.


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Kyle Spitzfaden

Kyle has in-depth knowledge and experience working with seniors and the communities in which they live, has a passion for providing service to the community and early in his career developed excellent management skills having worked in several organizations in a number of industries. Kyle holds a B.A. from Colgate University where he graduated with a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies. He has held multiple leadership roles in emergency medicine, a field in which he has been active for over fifteen years. In addition, Kyle is an educator in the community teaching classes to the public in CPR, First Aid and the new initiative called Stop the Bleed.

Kyle's knowledge of the healthcare field and desire to help others is the perfect background to provide elder consulting and/or assist the senior and the family in determining the optimal community for the senior to reside.   

Harold and Kyle utilize a personal approach to address the needs of seniors. They initially meet with the senior and the family to conduct an assessment. Their objective is to determine the individuals physical and mental health needs, personality, interests and preferences. The information obtained is then utilized to provide elder consulting or determine an appropriate residence in which to live. If a community is necessary, appropriate senior living options are discussed, and the senior and the family will select several to visit. Harold and Kyle will then schedule meetings and tours which provide the basis for the senior and family to select the appropriate community. They will then coordinate the transition to the community. 

Harold and Kyle utilize their diverse backgrounds, personal approach and thorough knowledge of the challenges faced in one’s later years to address the problems confronting seniors and their families. Their objective is to eliminate anxiety and worry by proposing and implementing a solution with empathy. They will be by your side during this entire process and remain connected to ensure the loved one continues to be happy, healthy and safe. 


Senior Care Authority® was founded in 2009 by Frank and Michele Samson of Sonoma, California. They opened a local placement agency and learned everything there was to know about finding the right care situation for an older adult needing help with activities of daily living. They came to the Senior Care space with successful business development skills in their past as well as personal family experience finding care solutions. The business took off, primarily due to their diligence, compassion, and commitment to helping families.

​In 2014, the model was franchised and Senior Care Authority® is now a national company with offices throughout the US and Canada. As part of their expansion, they partnered with an eldercare consulting practice who brought another set of senior care services and skills to the company, a great differentiator for Senior Care Authority.

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"I got to know Harold when my mother became unable to care for herself after the death of my father.  Harold, was a terrific listener as I described her situation. It became very clear to me that Harold was extremely knowledgeable about Adult Living options and was the right person to guide us through this process.  He was patient and compassionate and always available whenever we needed him. With Harold’s help, we found the right community for mom and she is extremely happy there.

I would highly recommend Harold to anyone needing the kind of help that he specializes in."


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